Author of RISK: A Road Worth Traveling

Businessman, entrepreneur, and author Craig Huntington, has taken a bold step forward at nearly every important juncture of his life. From capturing the attention of a pretty check-out girl who would eventually become his wife, to launching into a career in property management with no previous experience, Huntington knows what he’s talking about when it comes to risk-taking.

He opened one of Northern California’s most successful nightclubs when he was only 22. He turned Huntington Property Management into one of California’s premier HOA companies. He moved to Las Vegas at an age when most people are just hoping to hang on until retirement and started a revolutionary banking operation that changed the face of the HOA business nationwide.  He became the President of Alliance Association Financial Services in 2008 and has grown that business into an industry leader.

Has Craig experienced failure?  Certainly.  But he has accomplished all of these goals and continues to be driven forward by a characteristic that he’s carried since his childhood:  Craig has the guts to act. And that single quality can be credited with much of his success.

In Craig’s seminars, leadership conferences and keynote presentations, and throughout his book Risk: A Road Worth Traveling, Craig shares his stories of success and the wisdom that he’s gained from a life spent on a fearless “trial and error” path. As Craig admonishes his audiences, “be willing to make mistakes… and profit from them.”