RISK: A Road Worth Traveling

In this remarkably forthcoming book you will come to believe that risk a is road worth traveling. That’s where the rewards are. Why not take it!

The future, as seen through the eyes of businessman, entrepreneur, and author Craig Huntington, is unlimited. The choices we make will dictate the direction of our lives, both personal and professional. That’s an empowering thought. Are there risks involved with making choices? Of course there are. But even choosing to do nothing comes with risks.

You may want to reinvent the wheel by changing careers, or you may simply want to nudge your life in a different direction. You may have the desire to build your own business from the ground floor up, or you might be positioning yourself for a promotion to middle management. You may want to take up a whole new “lifestyle” or just shed a few pounds.

As the author sees it, risk is a part of leadership.  He defines leadership as a verb meaning: to take action. And taking action carries with it an inherent element of risk. Creating experience, pushing the envelope, and stepping out of your comfort zone: these are the lessons of Risk: A Road Worth Traveling.

Is failure an option? Sure it is. But failure is just a bump in the road we call risk taking. If you’re willing to make something extraordinary of your life, there is no better place to start than with the timeless lessons contained within these pages.

What are you waiting for? Take a risk. Step up to the plate and go for broke.

Risk: A Road Worth Traveling is available now at AtlasBooksAmazonBarnes & Noble and other fine booksellers!