“Your book gave me the incentive to keep pushing through, not only with my company but with life as well. Your speaking and seminars are some of the most influential that I have ever sat through and left me always wanting to hear more. You give hope and confidence in your words and attitude that can be found in many. Thank you for sharing your positivity and motivation with me.”
– Erin Yarbro, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Community Association Manager President,
Inlet Management of SC, LLC

“I had the privilege of attending your presentation to the TOPS Conference on Tuesday. I would like to request a copy of the Powerpoint that you used. I would love to share it with my staff.

“I was also smart enough enough to purchase your book. I would like to thank you for writing down your thoughts and experiences so that I can refer to them as needed. I have already finished the book and started it again (with a highlighter)!! When I began reading, my mind and life, both professional and personal, were muddled and mechanical. Within just a few pages, my mind and heart started working and developing ideas on how I could implement what you were saying. Now I know that I can accomplish everything on my list if I just jump off of the log. It was never the world stopping me. It was me!

“I will be sharing this book with my children, my husband and my co-workers in hopes that they all will be touched as I have. You are like the lady in the Powerpoint with the blind man… you have changed the words that I already knew so that I was touched into action. Thank you!”
– Heather J. Williams, Senior Accounting Manager, Lighthouse Management

“When one thinks of a banker, one thinks of a dry, straight-laced suit. Craig is just the opposite, and his motivational speaking style makes him the Tony Robbins of Community Association living. Our CAI chapter has various membership groups including individual homeowners, property managers, and lawyers. Craig is the only speaker we have had in our long history that appealed to each and every one of our membership groups.”
– David Kaman, Kaman & Cusimano, LLC (Cleveland HOA Law Firm)

“Thank you for emceeing our annual Community Awards Gala, Craig.  Because of your depth of knowledge and experience in our industry, and with your enthusiastic and entertaining nature, you did a masterful job! It was a wonderful evening. We appreciate you taking the time to be a part of it, and we welcome you back anytime.”
– The CAI Austin Chapter

“Craig Huntington is a seasoned, talented and energetic leader. He had my sales and account management team on the edge of their seats and laughing at the same time as he shared some of the secrets of his success. It is easy to give him my highest recommendation as a speaker if you want to get your team amped up and learn something too.”
– Dave Dutch, CEO, PayLease

“Craig, thank you so much for facilitating our Chapter’s Strategic Planning Session. It was beneficial to have a third party involved, but more importantly to have your input because of your depth of experience in the industry and knowledge of other Chapter successes.

We truly feel we accomplished some key goals that will serve us well in 2012 and beyond. It was the most productive session of this type the Chapter has ever had, and we are grateful.”
Best regards,
Board of Directors (2011 & 2012)
South Carolina Chapter CAI

I am enjoying your book and have been making notes of things that pertain to my life both personally and professionally that will help me attain my goals.  So far there have been two parts that stand out the most.

“In other words, a man or woman who acts on his or her purpose, as opposed to sending it out in a memo or an email, brings it to life”

            “You have two feet and a thumb” your mother told you.

I often times get caught up in sending out emails or memos to people and now after reading just that section alone, I can see how I need to back up any email or memo with action on my part.  I can write and have much purpose doing it, but there is really no meaning behind the words if I am not showing those people who I am and that I can back up what has been written.

I’ve struggled with allowing my son to be independent and believing that I have to do everything for him.  He has come to depend on that.  Your mother did not allow you to do that and she still loved you.  For me, that means that I can allow my son to be independent and that I do not have to do everything for him.  Me allowing him to do for himself is love in “action”.
– Kathy LeBreton

“Craig Huntington is one of the top speakers in the community management industry. Informative, engaging and enlightening, Craig brings his personal brand of energy and style to any speaking event. I recommend him highly.”
– Julie Adamen, President, Adamen Inc.

“Craig is an excellent motivational and strategic vision speaker and/or facilitator. His broad business and executive experiences give him the insight to reach all levels of employees with his message. I selected Craig to give a keynote address to a strategic planning meeting of over 100 leaders, including managers and executives, and to also lead small group breakout sessions. His ratings were off the charts. I highly recommend him.”
–Gary Dorris, President, First National Bank of Arizona

“Over the past seven-plus years it has been my pleasure to share the speaking floor with Craig Huntington on numerous occasions. ‘Pleasure’ because Craig always brings an informative, entertaining and enthusiastic insight into the most up-to-date and efficient methods to improve the HOA industry. While most speakers address the subject of banking and finance with a somber approach, Craig actually manages to make it interesting and exciting. An educational session with Craig Huntington is one that should not be missed.”
–Mickey McGuire, Senior Account Executive, SouthData

“Craig has been a leader in the HOA industry for many years. As a public speaker, he has always been informative and entertaining. As president of CAI’s Southern Arizona Chapter, he was a great asset to our educational programs.”
–Ritchie Lipson, Partner, Dicks, Coglianese, Lipson and Shuquem